Liposuction has been developed rapidly for recent 20-30 years, and it keeps developing. I, liposuction specialist, accept new and developed techniques with humble attitude through attending many academic activities and networking techniques with live liposuction seminar.
Liposuction of Venus Clinic is handmade tumescent liposuction with micro cannula; we follow the liposuction guide line of American Society of Plastic Surgery and American Society of Dermatology. We try our bests to give the maximum satisfaction to all the patients with safe and modern technique and knowledge.

I would like to talk about Venus Style Liposuction that we week for.



1. The ethics and principles - safety


Liposuction should be safe with fast recovery.

Venus Clinic uses handmade tumescent liposuction which is proved its safety and effects academically. But to release nervousness before the operation and pain while the operation, we do conscious sedation for the comfortable operation. 
Liposuction needs long operation time, but by reducing the operation time prevents biggest dangerous factor, phlebothrombosis. Also it can effectively minimize conscious sedation time, hemorrhage, and swelling by reducing the operation time.
Venus Clinic takes an hour to one and an half hour for premium maximum liposuction, breast and abdomen liposuction or upper body liposuction; one hour and twenty to forty minutes for lower body liposuction. Generally most of liposuction at Venus Clinic takes less than 2 hours.
So, you do not have to worry because short and safe operation time gives less hemorrhage and bruises; patient can go home 1-2 hours after the operation with fast recovery without bruises and swelling. Also, Venus Clinic has enough and good equipments for liposuction and ready for safe and comfortable operation.



2. Size Change


The effect should be definite with enough fat removal.

Liposuction is chosen as a final decision when a person does not have enough effect with exercising or having yoyo phenomenon. Liposuction removes fat so it has definite result.
But an excessive liposuction can make unnatural and unbalanced result with bumpy and bad look cosmetically. In opposite, only a little fat removal cannot be effective since there is only a little change in body figure. 
Venus Clinic tries hard to do the best liposuction for the slim and even line; removing the enough amount of fat evenly requires many experiences, cares, and strong physical condition. Venus Clinic tries that patients to not have yoyo phenomenon after the operation.


Liposuction is honest. The size reduction is as much as removed fat

There is difference of the amount of fat between people depend on fat under the skin or amount of muscle. Patients should be happy for well-balanced and natural body figure after the operation rather than amount of removed fat of decrease in size. Finally slim and even result controls the success of liposuction.


Complete removal of fat


4. Smoothness


Liposuction should result smooth and not bumpy skin.

Many hospitals advertise liposuction using equipment and advertise that using equipment gives less swelling, bruises, and fast recovery. This makes patients to get confused. Patients should choose doctor’s experience, technique, and care for patients rather than equipments.
Liposuction requires doctor’s strong condition and knowledge rather than what kind of equipment, so how much the doctor does a neat operation with the care of patients results the slim and even body figure.


Smooth result of Liposuction
<Before and after picture of a month after the chest and abdomen liposuction and arm liposuction- there is slim and even result.>


Venus Clinic does handmade liposuction with micro cannula which gives slim and even body figure. Also, we have Lipomatic Power Assisted Liposuction and Ultra-Z Ultrasonic Liposuction (VASER); we use these for megaLiposuction, to contract the skin, or for re-liposuction.



5. Natural beauty


Liposuction should result overall well-balanced body line and have minimum scars.

After the liposuction, patient should have well-balanced and natural body figure with decreasing in size. An excessive partial liposuction can make unnatural body figure.


Venus Clinic pursuits liposuction that can give an even, natural, and beautiful body figure, and we do overall liposuctions at once for overall body proportion. Also, if it is hard to do it at once, we do two-doctor liposuction. This is for natural and harmonious body figure and to prevent disharmonious obesity after regaining weight.


postliposuction picture1
<Chest and abdomen liposuction on upper and lower abdomen, flank, waist, bra fat- 3 excisions>


postliposuction picture2
<Upper body liposuction includes arm, axilla, anterior and posterior axilla, and back- 2 excisions on each side>


postliposuction picture3
< Lower body liposuction includes hip, buttock, circumferential thighs, and knee-2 excisions on each side>


Venus Clinic tries to minimize excisions: 2-3 excisions for chest and abdomen liposuction, 2-3 excisions(total 4-6 excisions) on each side for lower body liposuction, 2 excisions each for upper body liposuction, 3-4 excisions each for calf liposuction, 2 excisions each for breasts and gynecomastia, 2-3 excisions for chin or face liposuction.  Most of excisions is hidden on wrinkled area; Venus Clinic use micro cannula which requires a small excisions and does cares to minimize the scars.


liposucion adit1
< Before and after picture for the chest and abdomen liposuction after a week, there are some bruises – 2 excisions >


liposucion adit2
< Before and after picture of arm and axilla liposuction after a week, there is some design markings – 2 excisions>

liposucion adit3
< This is a before and after picture for only a week after liposuction, but there is size reduction. To compare, at least a month should be passed.>

Once again, liposuction is the operation which makes natural and balanced, beautiful body figure, not unnatural by decreasing only size. Venus Clinic’s liposuction is focused on natural and even result.



6. Complications


Liposuction should give less bruises and swelling with almost no complications.

Venus Clinic gives regional anesthesia. More exactly, we inflate the fat layer with fluids. Then in no hemorrhage and pain condition, we do handmade tumescent liposuction using micro cannula to remove only fat. We also do conscious sedation for nervousness and pain.
So, there is less hemorrhage and bruises; it is possible to remove fat evenly and not bumpy so after 1-2 hours of rest, patient can go home without painkiller after the operation.
Picture below is the before and after picture of thigh liposuction after a week. Bruises and swelling depends on patients, but Venus Clinic tries to minimize the bruises and swelling.


bruising picture1 at postoperative 1 weeksbruising picture2 at postoperative 1 weeks
< Bruises and swelling after the liposuction. before and after picture of comparatively many bruises thighs after a week of thigh liposuction.>

Less bruises and swelling means that there were good operation skills and postoperative care; also it means there is less rate of complications. So, less bruises and swelling can judge or estimate the hospital’s ability.



7. Postoperative care


There should be a systematic postoperative care.

The result of liposuction is not affected much by postoperative care. But postoperative care prevents complications and helps fast recovery. So, we do postoperative care by introducing and informing enough details to minimize the uncomfortable parts of patients after the operation. To solve saggy skin, lymphedema, or crumbling , we offer a professional postoperative care specially for those who did megaLiposuction, removing over 5000ml of fat.


Venus Clinic not only proves our real worth during the operation, but also after the operation.



8. Skin Contraction


Liposuction should cause the skin contraction to have elastic skin.

MegaLiposuction is medically defined as removing over 1500ml of pure fat or over 5000ml of liposuction. Doctor should mind the dangerousness of megaLiposuction and the increasing rate of complications after the operation. Venus Clinic does two-doctor liposuction; this shortens the operation time and finish the operation within 2 hours even with megaLiposuction. This decreases the dangers and rates of complications.



removed fat after liposuction
<Fats after megaLiposuction>

There are many people who gave up on diet because of these reasons: hard to work out due to heavy weights, not easy to lose weight because of excessive fat pads which requires much energy, and yoyo phenomenon even after hard diet.
But if the person keeps having obesity can increase the danger of cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure or diabetes; solving the obesity is important to have a good health which gives a chance to recover the health,
Removing excessive left over fats by liposuction is not only the one of the exit to get out of obesity, but also it is one of the good remedy to recover the health. Also, after the liposuction, energy that body needs decreases and body posture is fixed, it is easier to keep and go on a diet with an exercising.


The difference between diet and liposuction is that liposuction creates natural contraction of skin. It is hard for obesity people to lose weight because of much energy that body needs and hard for long-term diet due to glucose tolerance, also there are many cases that yoyo phenomenon happens. More sad point is that after the diet, people have to worry again about their inelastic skin.

Liposuction does not only easily remove the fat, but also makes contractions on skin so that patient can have a satisfied body figure without removing the skin.

Massive all layer liposuction or surface layer liposuction removes enough fat, even the fat near the skin. It makes left over skin layer to thin as possible and creates contract of skin after the operation which gives satisfied result cosmetically. To do massive all layer liposuction evenly and thinly, doctor should use ‘micro cannula’ with lots of experiences and strong physical condition with care towards patients. 
But there could be some wrinkles after the complete fat removal due to much left over skin or already inelastic skin before the operation.

Venus Clinic uses micro cannula to do massive all layer liposuction within short time period, so we do operation that induces skin contraction even with megaLiposuction.
More left over fat layer has less possibility of bumpiness, but it has less skin contraction. Compare to that, massive all layer liposuction has good skin contraction, but if the liposuction did not undergone evenly it can give unsmooth skin and possibility of complications such as dermal necrosis.


Skin contracts better after the liposuction with elastic and fat skin. Most of liposuction clinic tells obesity patients to lose weight before the liposuction, but after the weight lose, skin loses its elasticity which causes less skin contraction after the liposuction. 


front view of large volume liposuctionrear view of large volume liposuction
< It is before and after picture of megaLiposuction after a month; it has natural and elastic skin without skin removal due to skin contraction with no scars.>


Venus Clinic applies skin contraction techniques not only for megaLiposuction or patient who has inelastic skin, but also with breast-reduction liposuction and hip-reduction liposuction.