VENUS ClINIC Liposuction Areas

It is necessary to perform a case-by-case operation depending on the body type.

Liposuction Info.

About Operation Area of Venus Clinic

Premimum Maximum area

Largest Areas

it is suitable for people with a lot of fat in the whole body,Systemically. Because it is a wide range of operations, you can create a natural and balanced body shape with reduced size.

Maximum area

Large Areas

For those with moderate fat deposits, surgery is cheap, and not a complete cylindrical surgery, but surgery to create a natural shape with reduced size. it is cost effective.

Point area

medium Areas

Even those who are slim like the model may be stressed with a partial fat deposit. Removing only the necessary part of the fat makes the body more balanced and beautiful.

Something Special area

Special Area

Breast reduction and improvement of sagging of the breast, excessive size of the buttocks and sagging buttocks, gynecomastia, V-line of face and chin, liposuction of calves.