Premium Maximum Liposuction – arms and back

; This includes upper limb liposuction : circumferential arms, axilla, anterior axillary fat pads, posterior axillary fat pads, and subscarpular fat pads.

Bra fat = anterior axilla + posterior axilla


Premium Maximum Liposuction of arms






The arm is the most effective and satisfaction region regarding Liposuction. Since the fat around the arm is not easily reduced by exercising, Liposuction is preferred.

How does the female’s beautiful arms look like? Of course, they are not thick and inelastic.



arm_primium 1.jpg


There should be no saggy part on biceps of inner arm and have straight outer line from deltoids muscle to elbow when stand at attention.


arm_primium 3.gif


Also, there should be no anterior axillary fat pads. Sometimes woman has polymastia, but there should be no fat on axilla for overall slim arm. Finally it is fat on behind the elbow.


There are cases people have bumpy fat around elbow coming down from axilla. Slim on this part completes overall feminine line and makes natural connection to bottom of elbow..


Liposuction makes beautiful body figure by removing the fat between the skin and muscle so it could be limited to change muscle or bones' structure. But liposuction can give a feminine body figure by removing the fat easily. Compare to other diet methods, the advantage of liposuction is that the skin contracts after the operation and gives a beauty cosmetically.






arm_primium 4.jpg


Back is one of the most difficult operation areas. Because the back is fibrous and the skin is thick, it is hard to have satisfied result with good skin contraction. So the doctor sometimes uses laser or ultrasonic to softening the fat before the back liposuction.


Female’s back is different from male’s back. Female’s back gets feminine line with about 90 degree-angle between arm and back unlike that of male’s back which has an inverted triangular shape; there should be separate excisions on the sides of back and axilla to operate smoothly.



1. Indications for operation

; Patient who has overall upper body obesity and wants balanced line on arms and back.


Especially patient who already got or plans to get thoracoabdomen liposuction and wants to remove fat pads not only on posterior axilla, but also fat pads near flank.


2. Design

;It includes circumferential arm, axilla, anterior and posterior axilla, and lower back (bra line).





3. Advantages

  • Patient who has fat pads on both arms, inner axilla, abdomen and back.
  • It can have a natural look for the cases with waist wrinkles.
  • Maximum area liposuction but free from worrying scars with minimizes numbers (2-3) excisions.
  • No need of boundary treatment so maximum fat can be removed.



4. Cases of Venus Clinic’s Premium Maximum Arm and Back Liposuction






case1_arm_primium1.jpg case1_arm_primium2.jpg case1_arm_primium3.jpg case1_arm_primium4.jpg






case2_arm_primium1.jpg case2_arm_primium2.jpg case2_arm_primium3.jpg case2_arm_primium4.jpg







case3_arm_primium1.jpg case3_arm_primium2.jpg case3_arm_primium3.jpg case3_arm_primium4.jpg






case4_arm_primium1.jpg case4_arm_primium2.jpg case4_arm_primium3.jpg