Point Liposuction - Lateral arms

; Straight line liposuction includes lateral arms and posterior inferior arms so it makes a straight line.


Straight line of arms






arm_straight 1.jpg



Developed lateral arm is usual for males. Also there could be only a little size change due to deltoid muscle. But it can give a dramatic effect by removing a little fat which makes lateral arm to have smooth and straight line.


Wrong liposuction can make hollow lower deltoid muscle so doctor should be careful.





arm_straight 2.jpg



Most of people wants liposuction on posterior arm which gives the most effective result. Liposuction should be operated with complete removals of axilla and elbow; this gives beautiful straight arm. But if the fat does not remove completely, posterior arm can get inelastic or results an Indian club shaped arm.


There could be only a little size change or inelastic skin for an arm with developed biceps and triceps after the operation. Posterior arm is connected to axilla; it gives more effective result when a patient does liposuction on the back behind the axilla.



1. Indications for operation

; Patient who is not overall obese, but has unbalanced fat arms or exposed outer arms which makes unfeminine line. Patient who has less fat on axilla or body



2. Design

; It includes lateral, posterior and inferior arm except thin fat layer part anterior arm.






3. Advantages


  • • It makes natural and feminine upper body figure with good proportion of thickness of arm and body.
  • Less pressure on cost.
  • Invisible scars located on wrinkles of axilla of posterior arms.
  • No problem with normal life with fast recovery.



4. Cases of Arm Straight Line Liposuction




case1_arm_straight1.jpg case1_arm_straight2.jpg case1_arm_straight3.jpg case1_arm_straight4.jpg








case2_arm_straight1.jpg case2_arm_straight2.jpg case2_arm_straight3.jpg