Venus Clinic only does liposuction with professionalism, and we are ready for a safe liposuction. We consider these the best: reasonable operation cost, satisfied operation results, and kind services; we do our best with all patients.


waiting room of Venus Clinic


Venus Clinic’s liposuction is handmade tumescent liposuction with micro cannula; we follow guideline of American Society of Plastic Surgery and American Dermatology Society and use techniques which are confirmed; we try our best for all patients to have safe and comfortable satisfaction.
Since our clinic only does liposuction, we have good equipments and best conditions for liposuction. Patients can be operated comfortably.


Advantages of the Special Hospital for Liposuction
  • Doctor is a professional job; it is getting more departmentalizing and professional which makes deeper knowledge.
  • Doctor gets used to operation if the doctor only does one kind of operation.
  • If the hospital does only one kind of operation, they might have professional equipment and facilities.
  • Hospital is more professional and nurses are more kind because they only treat a few patients per day.
  • Simplification of services of treatments, hospital reduces malpractice. Hospital gives more systematic and consistent services.


Like these, Venus Clinic only does liposuction; we make best results in best conditions. We think our job as vocation and work hard with senses of duty for all patients.


Liposuction Specialist

Venus Style - Liposuction for a natural and beautiful body figure

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Patients testimonials

Final decision of successful liposuction with patients’ reviews

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Scholastic Opinions


I felt through liposuction for years that the doctor should have knowledge and wisdom, love and ethic, and energy.


Requisites for Liposuction Specialist
  • Wisdom: knowledge, experiences, and operation techniques
  • Virtue: I think the doctor does not only have many experiences and good techniques, but also the doctor who has care and love towards the patient with patience attitude gives good results.
  • Physical Condition: Liposuction requires a lot of energy; the doctor need good physical condition and energy for better and good result.


People can think liposuction as simple operation which just removes fat, but it is not actually easy to do it in right and good way.
I think the doctor should not only think about decreasing size, but also he should think liposuction as lipo-sculpture and gives natural and well-balanced results.


wonho Jung, the director of Venus Clinic


Kindness to Patients’ Impression


  • Venus Clinic counts safety and results as the most import thing, but we also try our best for patient’s relaxed and comfortable operation.
  • A little care can be a big part to patients. All members of Venus Clinic treat patients with kind care.
  • To prevent contamination, we do thorough sanitation management and aseptic manipulation.


Services for Foreigners


Venus Clinic is ready to consult with foreigners in foreign languages, to inform about temporary rooms, and to inform about postoperative cares.
This is what Kristine wrote for review. It is a little short, but I think it is accurate and objective so I inserted here.


Extremely Satisfying!
I had an extremely satisfying experience at Venus Liposuction Center!
I had 2000 ml removed from my abdomen and waist and 1300 ml removed from my arms and back. The contours of my body are significantly improved. My clothes fit much better than they did before.
The doctor and consultant were very informative and explained the process thoroughly before I underwent surgery. After the surgery they told me in detail what I needed to do and not do in order to have a safe recovery and good results. They did everything they could to make the process as comfortable and effective a possible.
I would definitely recommend Venus Liposuction Clinic to anyone who is looking to improve their body through fat removal.





Equipments for Liposuction


1. Lipomatic Power Assisted Liposuction
PAL uses electric motor or compressed air to produce either a rapid in-and-out cannula movement which is efficient for the amount of removal fat and operation time. Recently, doctors use this the most.


lipomatic power liposuction machine

2. Ultra-Z Ultrasonic Liposuction (VASER)
It is the way of third generation Ultrasonic lipolysis which is different from previous method that doe outside ultrasonic. It dissolves the fat safely without any damage to muscle, blood vessel, or skin. It has small cannula. After injecting the tumescent fluid, we us Ultra-Z cannula to fat layer which creates ultrasonic, then fat layer gets soft and makes easier to remove the fat with liposuction cannula.


ultrasound liposuction machine1

ultrasound liposuction machine2




Venus Clinic’s Inside Interior


Venus Clinic has appropriate interior for liposuction. Rather than fancy interior, it is focused on things that need for operation such as recovering rooms. It is difficult to spend more money on operating room than lobby. Interior is also a Venus Style that focuses on the ethics as much as Venus Clinic’s operation.


  • Hospital is always clean and neat for the operation
  • To prevent dust and dirt, air filter is used for operation room and recovery room
  • Ondol (Korean floor heating system) is set everywhere inside the hospital; patient can get operated in comfortable and warm condition
  • Air conditional is everywhere including recovery room which is good for patient who is sensitive with temperature change
  • There is also shower room per a recovery room; it keeps clean for liposuction.



Outside Temporary Rooms
There are many clean motels around Line 7, Sangdong Station, especially behind the Venus Clinic. If you need a room, we guide the room for the night to take a rest. The cost is around 40,000-60,000 won on weekdays, and 100,000 won on weekends.