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Out Venus Clinic does only liposuction and fat transplantation for body plastic surgery; we are located Room 302 Hyunhae Plaza, 105 Sangdong-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Kyoungki-do, across from Savezone and in front of Line 7 Sangdong Station, exit 6.
We have patient’s room, operation room and recovery room; we have modest equipments such as Lipomatic Power Liposuction and VASER liposuction equipments.

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Liposuction is called micro-liposuction on all body areas using handmade micro cannula with textbook operation way; Venus Clinic also has obesity clinic and other cosmetic surgery.


Pursing real beauty if beautiful because it means that one loves oneself..


Nowadays we live richly in the internet which contains a lot of information, but we do not know which one to accept. Venus Clinic goes the way that doctor should go, and we want to show it with our ability and devotion. Venus Clinic website contains medical facts based on objective evidence rather than my own opinion.


Dr. Jeffery A. Klein, the founder of liposuction, wrote like this in his amazing book, “Tumescent Technique.”


"The art in liposuction

requires an open mind. Many ways are available to do liposuction, and there is a better way. Ultimately, excellence is measured in terms of patient satisfaction, which is a function of safety, patient comfort, and quality of results "


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Doctor should not be arrogant with his wisdom; he should always try harder to study the new techniques and ways. Doctor should try his best for safety of operation and give comfortable operation and fast recovery to patients. Doctor also should study for the best result. The ability of doctor is make patient happy and satisfied.


I have been studied and will study for the best liposuction with responsibility and sense of duty towards patients. I promise that I will treat all the patients with humble mind and modern medical techniques.


Dr. Wonho Jung



Book publishing whith Dr. Shiffmann



Venus Style


All cosmetic surgeries, especially liposuction, require good and satisfied results and speedy recovery without any complications. Here are some points that Dr. Jung thinks importantly.


1. Ability.

First of all, doctors should have an ability to cure patients. If a doctor does not have ability, I think he owed the patients. Also I think doctors should be responsible with people’s lives and they should try and study continuously. I think Doctor’s ability is the sense of duty towards patients.


2. A passionate and justified doctor who follows the ethics and is faithful to principles.

I think good result comes out with well-balanced of these options: safe operation, managing equipments to prevent complications, nurses’ abilities, and etc. Good operation, textbook treatments, or equipments cannot be seen from outside, but doctor should invest for patients’ smile and happiness. I call this Venus Style. I have a passion so I cannot be lazy with studying continuously for the better operation result and being responsible with patients.
The real doctor.. I learned that doctor should do no harms to patients. Doctor should be able to say “no” if the treatment or operation that patients want does not help patient or even gives worse result for patient. In addition, doctor should not suggest patient’s needless procedures for financial benefit.
Doctors should operate with medically proved operations based on enough medical backgrounds and knowledge and should co-operate with co-doctors. No doctors can do well on all kinds of operations, so if the doctor needs help, he should operate with other doctors for the best operation.


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3. The most important factor is love and care towards patients.

Liposuction requires strong and good physical condition as a doctor; Doctor’s care and love towards patient are really important because it directly effects the result when the doctor does his best on operation till the last minute.

Also, patient trusts doctor and let the doctor operates on patient’s body. So, I think doctor should stand on patient side and tries to understand. With this responsibility, doctor should care patient carefully with thoughtful mind.


Breast reduction at our hospital.

One thing that old lady told me flash across my mind. Before the operation, she went to see a doctor for an examination of breast cancer and that doctor said, “why do you want to get breast reduction in your age?”
Patient said to the doctor that “Have you ever lived with these big breast?” Because operation in old age is usually more dangerous, I understand the doctor who does not know well about liposuction and does not recommend operation. But in my opinion, doctor should try and care to understand old lady’s mind.


A few days ago, after realizing the comfortableness of breast reduction, she came back with her friend for abdomen liposuction. I was really happy to see the lady’s happy life.


Doctor should respect and care patient on patient’s side, even with a little things, while keeping the safety of operation. I hope patients who operated at our Venus Clinic smile more brightly, be happy, and work better with more confidence.


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Academic Activity


Liposuction has been developed rapidly for recent 20-30 years, and it keeps developing. I, liposuction specialist, accept new and developed techniques with humble attitude through attending many academic activities and networking techniques with live liposuction seminar.


presenting in conference

Liposuction of Venus Clinic is handmade tumescent liposuction with micro cannula; we follow the liposuction guide line of American Society of Plastic Surgery and American Society of Dermatology. We try our bests to give the maximum satisfaction to all the patients with safe and modern technique and knowledge.



Conference Activity
  • 2006 Doctors Association of Obesity Research, Micro Liposuction Thesis
  • 2007 Korean Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Tumescent Liposuction Thesis
  • 2007 Doctors Association of Obesity Research, Principle of Liposuction Thesis
  • 2008 Korea College of Cosmetic Surgery, Two
  • Doctor Liposuction Thesis
  • 2008 Doctors Association of Obesity Research, MegaLiposuction Thesis
  • 2009 IMEX, Thigh Liposuction Thesis
  • 2009 Korea College of Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Reduction Thesis
  • 2009 Jungjou Asian Doctors Association of Cosmetic Surgery, MegaLiposuction Thesis
  • 2009 Workshop Association of Liposuction A-Z, MegaLiposuction Thesis
  • 2009 IMEX, Liposuction Anesthesia, Equipment, and Techniques Thesis
  • 2009 Co-authorship of Translation, Liposuction-Principles and Practice by Shiffman
  • 2011 Cosmetex International Conference at Hobart, Australia, Relationship between Liposuction and Hemorrhage Thesis
  • 2011 Analysis of perioperative blood loss…, Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2011;6(2):44-52
  • 2012 Doctors Association of Obesity Research, Techniques of Liposuction for MegaLiposuction Thesis

Medical conference in Hobat Ausrailia