Point Liposuction - to make apple hips

; Make a 3D, feminine apple shaped hip line by fixing number 3 shaped unbalanced hips with bumps and hollow.


Buttock Apple Line


This is buttock apple line liposuction which improves saggy hips and needs hip-up(buttock-up) liposuction. This includes hips and saddle bag.




Hip, buttock, and lateral thigh is called Cosmetic Unit. Because it is a cosmetic part which presents female’s beauty like breast; the line from upper hip right below the waist to buttock to lateral thigh symbolizes female’s beauty. So liposuction on all these area at once can make a beautiful feminine body figure.



thigh_apple 1.jpg



Removing fat on outer and lower part of buttock makes buttock to gather up and gives effect of longer legs, and it is called hip-up effect. Actually buttock-up effect is right phrase, and this effect makes sexy buttock due to raised buttock.


Hips are the one of the most re-operation area; it is picky to do liposuction and it has less operation effect, so most of hospitals exclude this part when they undergo thigh liposuction. There are many reoperations because hips look much bigger after the thigh liposuction especially for patient those who already had big hips.


Hips symbolizes feminism with breast. It should have enough volume and natural cursive, so many patients want hip liposuction. Venus Clinic has know-how of hip-up, size increasing and decreasing of hips. When patient do liposuction on both thighs and hips, to show them the balanced figure of hips and thighs, they get to wear T-panty for before and after pictures. This shows that Venus Clinic is focused on overall body figure from abdomen, hips, thighs, to calves.



1. Indications for operation

; patients with not overall obesity but not balanced body figure because of fat pads on outer thighs which makes legs to look short. There are different cases depend on size and shape of hip: buttock-up liposuction, buttock-up and buttock reduction, buttock with hip, and buttock-up and transplantation of fat on hips.



2. Design Case 1


; It is effective with patients with smaller hips compare to thighs and have exposed outer thighs. It has buttock up effect and decreases saddle bag of thighs; it makes out line of thighs and hips cursive and feminine. Saddle bag reduces and exposed fats relocates to upper part; legs look longer after the operation. If the patient with much exposed outer thigh, it is really effective with reasonable cost.






3. Design Case 2


; Patient with big outer thigh (saddle bag) and big hips includes buttocks and hips (volume up). For overall balance and harmony, liposuction is undergone with buttock and hips for big hips; liposuction is undergone with hip-up operation or transplantation of fat on hips for small hips. (volume up)



design_thigh_apple2.jpg design_thigh_apple3.jpg



4. Advantages


  • Gives a feminine, balanced, and harmonious hip line with balanced saddle bag and buttock.
  • Liposuction together on scaral areas makes S-line from side and back.
  • Less pressure on cost.
  • Invisible scars on wrinkles of groin region and lower hips.
  • No problem with normal life with fast recovery.


5. Cases of Apple Line Liposuction











; In addition to Apple line liposuction, the entire hip and the pelvis and upper side can be included to make the pelvis line natural.