Premium Maximum Liposuction - Upper and lower abdomen, subcostal area, waist, flank, sacral area

; Premium Maximum Liposuction includes circumferential thoracoabdomen, sacral area, upper and lower abdomen, subcostal area, waist, flank, and sacral area. This is the maximum area that patient can get liposuction in one day. It is suitable for typical upper-body obesity.



abdominal liposuction






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Upper abdomen is significant among the people who has central obesity, especially for male. They have bloating after the meal; they get better through liposuction.


Lower abdomen is significant among the female especially for those who gave a birth and have inelastic skin around lower part of the pubis. But after the liposuction, contraction of skin works well so it is really effective without skin incision. Lower abdomen is one of the most satisfied areas.





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Chest and abdomen is divided anatomically. When a person lies down the fat above ribs goes up and located near the chest, but when a person stands up it sags to the abdomen due to gravity which makes wrinkles. Since patient gets liposuction in lying down position, if the doctor pays no attention to fats around chest and ribs, fat can sag down after the liposuction which gives a bad result.


Thorasic abdomen has much fat fibrosis and muscles which are around and on the ribs, so if the doctor misunderstands muscles with fat, it can cause muscle damage and hemorrhage.





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Hip and waist give natural and beautiful S-line to females and straight line (love handle) to general males. so called local fat deposit ( LFD ).






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The fat comes out along the bra-line in summer with light clothes. It is usually caused by obesity of upper part of flank. Liposuction on flank and bra-line can give satisfied result.






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Back is one of the most difficult operation areas. Because the back is fibrous and the skin is thick, it is hard to have satisfied result with good skin contraction. So the doctor sometimes uses laser or ultrasonic to weakening the fat before the back liposuction


Female’s back is different from male’s back. Female’s back gets feminine line with about 90 degree-angle between arm and back unlike that of male’s back which has an inverted triangular shape; sides of back and axilla should be operated smoothly. There could be severe wrinkles and loosen skin around waistline and subscapular back around bra-line especially in standing position.


The fat layer around these parts should be removed completely so that patient can have waistline and beautiful back. Fat tissue on the back behind the shoulders is included in thoracoabdomen liposuction; this fat can sag due to gravity. This fat should be removed to have good result. If the patient does chest, abdomen, and arm liposuction together, patient can have a complete and effective result.






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Generally, it is not included in thorasic abdomen liposuction. Sacralarea is the part from back bone to hips; it determines the S-line on side view. Korean female usually does not have projected hips and have flat hips, but they can have S-line by removing the fat on sacralarea.


The paralumbar area refers to the lumbar vertebrae 3, 4 and 5, near the back of the sacrum, and corresponds to the lateral side of the lumbar region. It is not included in abdominal liposuction, which usually involves surgery to the side. The fat layer in the paralumbar area usually consists of more than two layers, and is a region from the vertebrae to the flank, which is cosmetically, which determines the suline by the depression of the posterior copper and the protrusion of the upper part of the hips.


In some cases, there is not a lot of protrusion of the buttocks, which can be an unbelievable curve. However, by removing the paralumbar area adipose tissue, you can maximize the posterior condition. The lumbosacral back is part of the lower back, and liposuction is done usually with the Paralumbar area



1. Indications for operation



; Patients with overall upper body obesity, saggy upper abdomen fat, wrinkles on lower bra-line, wants to improve S-line back body figure, balanced and natural body figure.


; Compare to maximum abdomen liposuction, it includes upper ribs and back near bra line; it removes lower breast’s saggy fat and makes natural body figure from the front from lower breast to lower abdomen. It also can emphasize waist line on the side and back view, it even gives a waist line to those who did not have one.



2. Design


;It is circumferential thoracoabdomen liposuction from lower breast to upper pubis.



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3. Advantages


  • Solves fat of lower breast, abdomen is slimmer when you standing position compare to lying down position.
  • It can have a natural look for the cases with waist wrinkles.
  • Maximum area liposuction but free from worrying scars with minimizes numbers (2-3) excisions.
  • no need of boundary treatment so maximum fat can be removed.
  • Gives feminine and beautiful waist line by removing the fat from bra-line of back and lower breasts.
  • S-line not only from side, but also from the back which is connected from back to hips, so patients can have improved body figure from the back.



4. Cases of Premium Maximum Liposuction at Venus Clinic









This patient got abdomen and flank liposuction at Venus Clinic. Dorsal roll is disappeared after thoracoabdomen liposuction.
4000cc of pure fat is suctioned.






Patient has size decreasing on overall 360 degree abdomen, also she does not have much folded areas. She got smooth skin due to skin contraction; she got healthy and natural line.









case3_abdomen1.jpg case3_abdomen2.jpg case3_abdomen3.jpg






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