Reoperation on abdomen - case study


Cases of reoperation after abdomen liposuction are these.


  1. Not enough removal of fat.
  2. Excessive fat removal which caused adhesion of skin and muscle.
  3. Unbalance body figure with partial liposuction.


The most serious and difficult reoperation out of these cases is the second one which has bumpy surface due to adhesion of skin and muscle because of excessive fat removal. Even if the patient get re-operated, it is hard to go back to original with current medical techniques, especially abdomen does.


There are two fat layers in abdomen. Deep layer causes cardiovascular disorders such as type 2 diabetes and affects endocrinol metab; it also saves up the energy and makes abdomen to get bigger. Surface layer is structural and resistant for cold; it prevents organs like cushion and also prevents skin.

As you get old, fat layer of deep layer increases as much as 10 times; this part becomes one of the indicated liposuction area. Doctor should know the structure of abdomen anatomically and remove fat for good result and size reduction. But if the doctor operates in wrong way, it creates perforation of the abdominal cavity and damages organs. Due to damages of organs, it can cause peritonitis and make patient to die. Doctors need to be really careful to approach deep layer of fat tissues.


A doctor who removes excessive fat is not a good doctor. I think a good doctor is who keeps the fat tissue and makes smooth and balanced body figure by operating evenly.





case1_reop_abdomen1.jpg case1_reop_abdomen2.jpg case1_reop_abdomen3.jpg


Picture below shows adhesion on abdomen due to excessive fat removal. There was not liposuctions on flank and back areas which body figure to be more unbalanced.


For reoperation on abdomen liposuction, there was fat transplantation on anterior adomen and fat removal on side and posterior flank and lower back.










reop_abdomen1.jpg reop_abdomen2.jpg reop_abdomen3.jpg


For third case, patient, who only got liposuction on lower abdomen, became Dysharmonious Obesity due to regaining weight on not operated area. This patient got overall abdominal obesity after a while.


If you fail to control your weight after the operation, operated area can get fat. But un-operated area gets fatter. But there will be no yoyo phenomenon which that operated area goes back to before without a weight change. So if the patient controls weight well after the operation, operated area would not get fat again. Liposuction is a permanent operation.


Anyways, compare to first and second case, the body gets balanced shape with reoperation on upper and lower abdomen. So, it is restricted to remove excessive fat unevenly for abdomen liposuction.