Premium Maximum Liposuction – Thighs and hips

; It includes lower limbs liposuction : hips, lateral thighs, whole buttocks, circumferential thighs, anterior knees, and medial knees. It is appropriate for typical lower body obesity.



maximum liposuction of thighs





Compared with other parts, the size or shape of the thigh is not easily improved by going on a diet or exercising. It remains as it is when other parts get slim and make people less confident.






Due to chubby thighs, many people wear different sizes of clothes between the upper body and the lower body. It is so called "Two Body Syndrome"; it is also called pear-shaped body. These people can have slim and attractive lower body line with liposuction.

Since the thigh is cylindrical shape, it is necessary to remove the fat evenly throughout the whole parts with aesthetical sense for favorable outcome as well as well-balanced body shape. Liposuction is operated usually on the outer part of thigh with lower part of outer hip. This naturally solves bumpy outer part due to hip’s weight.


It is harder and pickier to do liposuction evenly in inner thigh. Because upper part of inner thigh has less fat tissues and has characteristic of soft jelly which can be suctioned easily and fast; this can result excessive fat removal which gives bumpy and unsmooth thigh. Tumescent anesthesia and micro cannula results smooth and even thigh.


Subcutaneous fat is even and has less resistant fibers; it is easy to pass through. So it is important that doctor should be carefully to not do the excessive suction and make smooth and even line.



thigh_primimum 1.jpgthigh_primimum 2.jpg



It has higher rate of complications to do the liposuction on whole thigh at once than do it. Patient can recover without complications and has well-balanced thighs at once with Tumescent method, right amount of fat removal, and postoperative cares.


Young women has dome shaped hips. But if the fat starts to store on the hip, hip gets bigger and bumpy.


As you get old, lower hip gets bigger and ligaments which support hip get pulled and make a saggy hip. The purpose of liposuction on really big hip is to reduce the size and volume with natural and even shape and size of both hips, also well-balanced with thighs.



thigh_primimum 3.jpg


Liposuction on circumferential thigh, hip, and knee together makes well-balanced body figure especially for people with typical lower body obesity. The doctor should think in 3 D and the operation should be focused on curves rather than straight lines which can emphasize feminine body figure.


Venus Clinic pursuits overall balance and maximum size reduction by removing enough fat, so we do liposuction on circumferential thigh, 360 degree cylindrical, knee, buttocks, and hip at once. We recommend cosmetically operation to patients so that even the patient regain weights, it does not affect shape due to evenly removed fat.


Liposuction on circumferential thigh, knee, buttocks, and hip has the advantage which makes overall well-balanced lower body by making outer line from hip to knee and buttocks smaller and making all the lines, back of buttocks, anterior thigh, inner thigh, and calf at once.


Emphasizing feminine body figure and decreasing volume gives beautiful result; an artistic doctor who has a lot of liposuction experiences and strong physical condition can give a beautiful result.






Hip, buttock, and lateral thigh is called Cosmetic Unit. Because it is a cosmetic part which presents female’s beauty like breast; the line from upper hip right below the waist to buttock to lateral thigh symbolizes female’s beauty. So liposuction on all these area at once can make a beautiful feminine body figure.





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Removing fat on outer and lower part of buttock makes buttock to gather up and gives effect of longer legs, and it is called hip-up effect. Actually buttock-up effect is right phrase, and this effect makes sexy buttock due to raised buttock.


Also if the hips are much bigger compare to tights or just for big hips, liposuction only on thighs makes the hips look bigger and gives unbalanced body figure. So you should get buttock-up liposuction with overall hip-reduction liposuction to have a natural body figure.






Knee liposuction is one of the effective area. If the fat on inner knee gets removed, it makes beautiful straight inner line from thigh to calve which makes legs to look longer and make a beautiful mini-skirt line.


Sometimes medial thigh and calf liposuction undergoes together with knee, but you can get effective result only with knee liposuction. But patient only gets satisfied result when the doctor removed fat completely and neatly.


Most of the time, thigh liposuction does not include upper or inner knee, but most of the time, Venus Clinic includes hips above the buttocks to make a softer and smoother hip line and includes knees to make a smoother thigh line.



1. Indications for operation

  • Patient who has overall lower body obesity and wants to make balanced and natural body figure.
  • Patient who has fat not only on legs, but also on abdomen, hip, and buttock.
  • Patient who worries about fat located upper and inner part of the knee.



2. Design







3. Advantages


  • Changes lower body obesity body figure to balanced body figure.
  • Size reductions on both thighs and hips with liposuction on both areas, and this gives balanced body figure.
  • Maximum area liposuction but free from worrying scars with minimizes numbers (2-3 excisions covered by wrinkles) excisions.
  • no need of boundary treatment so maximum fat can be removed.



4. Cases of Venus Clinic’s Premium Maximum hip, thigh, buttock, and knee


















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