Point Liposuction - making a slender waist


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Generally mini-liposuctions or partial liposuctions are focused only on size reduction and fat removal. Venus Clinic is focused mainly on balanced and harmonious body figure and gathers areas to do it once. Actually, through liposuction a person who is really slim as model can have well-balanced body figure without hard and unhealthy diet.


Many models are died by stress of diet. Ironically, liposuction on these people are more effective. If patient have overall obesity, patient should get circumferential operation for natural body figure. But patient who is not obese but has unbalanced body figure, patient should get liposuction, body figure plastic surgery.


These people does tough diet, loses health, and even mental illness such as anorexia. Venus Clinic’s liposuction will satisfy patients with these indications.



S-line with a slander waist line

; Liposuction is undergone on flank, love handle, and lower bra line of back. So it maximizes natural side line.



1. Indications for operation


; patient who is not overall obesity but has unbalanced body figure who has healthier waist compare to other parts, patient who wants to make a waist line like a model.


2. Design


; This includes all sides of abdomen area: flanks, love handle, lower bra line, and waists.






3. Advantages

  • Waist line can be shown because it does not only include side of abdomen, but also includes side of bra-line.
  • Less pressure with cost.- A little and invisible scars due to only 2 excisions on wrinkles of side waist.
  • no problem with normal life due to fast recovery and almost no bruises.



4 Operation Cases


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