# Maximum Liposuction - Upper and lower abdomen, flank, love handle

;It is upper and lower abdomen liposuction which includes upper and lower abdomen, flank, and love handle.



maximum liposuction of abdomen




The abdomen is the most commonly selected region for Liposuction for both male and female, and is attractive region which has high satisfaction after the liposuction. Since there is a wide and flat surface on the abdomen, it is necessary to do Liposuction evenly. It is also necessary to remain some of the subcutaneous fat to have a result of a smooth line.


Lower abdomen has 2 layers of fat. The part of superficial fascial system which is called scarpa’s fascia, layer of the anterior abdominal wall. This fascia divide fat layer into deep and superficial layers. As you grow up, deep layer’s fat layer get thick which make your lower abdomen fat. It is important to remove this layer completely so that it can prevent you from regaining fat.


Fortunately, even the lower abdomen skin is loose and wrinkled, it contracts after the operation, so it has good result without removing the skin.



abdomen_maximer 1.jpg abdomen_maximer 2.jpg



Compared to lower abdomen, upper abdomen has only 1 fat layer which contains areolar layer and lamella layer except middle area. It is hard to approach to upper abdomen and to remove fat completely near the waist due to adhesion of skin and fascia’s fibrillar tissues and ribs. Also, compared to lower abdomen, upper abdomen has more fibrillar tissues, so there could be hemorrhage.


After the operation, there is less contraction on upper abdomen compare to lower abdomen, it could look like skin got loose and bumpy. Also it is possible area to bend, doctors can misunderstand this bumpy wrinkle as fat; doctors should have enough understanding and knowledge. If the doctor does not remove fat completely, sometimes patient needs re-operation.




abdomen_maximer 3.jpg



The side of the pelvic bone from the top of the ilium to the lower side of the cartilage of the ribs mainly refers to the side, the side of the back side of the slang phrase is also called 'love handle'

Flank has one layer like upper abdomen except posterior part. Fat layer’s left over calories in deep layer transfer to fat and stores and this is why waist line disappears as you get old. Patient needs safe and perfect liposuction on this area which always gives a good result.  

However, the skin near the lower back is thick, which is called the Paralumbar area and the Lumbosacral back. This area is difficult to access in the lateral incision, so if you wish, you will have to undergo an additional incision in the prone position. In the prone position, you can also completely remove the heel or the handle portion of the back, which is the side of the side. Premium abdominal fat mouth surgery includes this part, so please also refer to premium surgery.



1. Indications for operation



; patients who is overweight obesity who does not have much fat pads below the breast, so there is no saggy fat in standing position; no wrinkles of bra line on the back can be the indications for maximum liposuction.


; The purpose of maximum abdomen liposuction is remove the fat on upper and lower abdomen, and at the same time of removing fats on flank (love handle above the hip); this liposuction is possible with reasonable and low price for natural abdomen look.



2. Design



This is what most liposuction hospital does for abdomen liposuction. Difference between maximum liposuction and premium maximum liposuction is whether it includes sacral area or not. It is possible to include area to waist line; the cost varies.



maximum liposuction of abdomen1.jpg maximum liposuction of abdomen2.jpg maximum liposuction of abdomen3.jpg



3. Advantages


    • It is a circumferential liposuction for people with overweight light obesity, it can give a natural and balanced body figure after the operation.
    • Compare to maximum premium liposuction, you can have a good result with less cost.
    • No need to worry about scars due to minimum (2) excisions.
    • It is more effective with patient who has fat pads on anterior abdomen, especially near navel.
    • It gives better clothes fit by removing the fat pads on flank (love handle).



4. Cases of Venus Clinic’s Maximum Abdomen Liposuction






case1_abdomen_maximer1.jpg case1_abdomen_maximer2.jpg case1_abdomen_maximer3.jpg






case3_maximer_abdomen (1).jpg case3_maximer_abdomen (2).jpg case3_maximer_abdomen (3).jpg case3_maximer_abdomen (4).jpg case3_maximer_abdomen (5).jpg






case2_abdomen_maximer1.jpg case2_abdomen_maximer2.jpg case2_abdomen_maximer3.jpg