Reoperation case types - case study


Liposuction is one of the most operated plastic surgery in Korea. Like other surgeries, it also has side effects and complications, and there are more cases of reoperation. There are some cases divided in types which need reoperation.


  1. Unsatisfied due to not enough fat removal
  2. Unbalanced body figure due to partially excessive fat removal
  3. bumpy skin surfaces due to uneven fat removal


Personally, I think well-operated liposuction is that removes maximum fat; the body has overall natural and harmonious line with slim and smooth surface. Of course, it would be better if there are no exposed scars and fast recovery without complications.

Patient who wants reoperation has hard time mentally due to sides effect and cosmetic problems. Most of patients who visit Venus Clinic looks sad and has no trust towards doctors. Reoperation is at least twice harder than first liposuction. But it is good to see the patient’s smile again and get trust back.


Reoperation using fat transplantation and liposuction for the smoothness is possible but it is impossible to go back to original. To go back to original state, survival late is only about 50% and it needs twice the fat for fat transplantation. So, to avoid reoperation is to find the good hospital through enough consultations.



1. Unsatisfied due to not enough fat removal


; Liposuction is body plastic surgery which removes only fat layer between skin and muscle. So there is a limit as a body plastic surgery. But less fat removal cannot be satisfy the patients.


It is easy to be solved. Fat can be removed with reoperation.


reoperation liposuction d/t insufficient fat removal-1.jpg

aspirated fat by reoperation liposuction

The picture above is the patient who did reoperation at Venus Clinic. She already had abdomen liposuction, but she re-operated with the removal of 1700ml of fat. The hard part of abdomen liposuction is lower breast and upper abdomen. Above picture had overall abdomen fats, especially on upper abdomen.



2. Unbalanced body figure due to partially excessive fat removal


; This is the most re-operated area. It gives unnatural body figure due to partial liposuction due to financial or other reasons, even with patients who needed overall liposuction. There is a big difference of fat layer between operated area and not operated area which gives unnatural body figure.


Solutions is get overall liposuction which includes operated area. This can cause more financial minus due to partial liposuction.


Patient can get liposuction on not operated areas except operate area, but there are many cases that needs reoperation due to technical excision location and effective result.



reoperation liposuction of arms-2.jpg

patient of above picture had inner arm and back liposuction. Arrows on the back are excisions of first operation and marks shows left over fat of outer arm and back which makes unbalanced body figure. Venus Clinic does not try to make another excision.

It has a natural body figure after the reoperation of arm and back. If the patient get flank liposuction, she will have much natural body figure.



reoperation liposuction of arms-3.jpg

Patient of above picture got excessive fat removal on upper hips and outer thighs which caused hollow hips and thighs and look unbalanced. After the reoperation of buttock reduction liposuction and fat transplantation of hips made natural body figure.



3. Bumpy skin due to uneven fat removal


; This is the most difficult case for reoperation. patients of this case usually has unbalanced body figure. they also do not only have uneven fat layers with left over fats, but also have areas where adhesion created between skin and muscles due to excessive fat removal.


if the doctor is not used to liposuction, he has a hard time removing fat evenly and this causes this case. So if the doctor is not used to liposuction, it is better to leave the fat rather than to remove the fat for an effective and safe result.


To solve this problem, do liposuction partially and make spaces between adhesion area and do space fat transplantation. This is hard reoperation and it is hard to get smooth line after the operation.


reoperation liposuction of abdomen-4.jpg

Uneven liposuction on lower abdomen area made hollow and there is an adhesion between muscle and skin. it is pretty much fixed after space fat transplantation in separated adhesion area.



reoperation liposuction of abdomen-5.jpg

This is the case of uneven and excessive fat removal of upper knee and inner thighs and bumpy anterior thighs. The shape of medial thigh and upper knee got better with liposuction on exposed area and fat transplantation on hollow areas.