Reoperation on arms and back - case study



Patient gets unbalanced body figure after the excessive fat removal on arms which creates reoperation. The excessive liposuction causes adhesion of skin and muscle, especially on the area between the axilla and arm, inner arm.

Of course doctor should remove as much fat as they can, but excessive fat removal causes bad cosmetic result and uncomfortable moves.


Patient below has serious saggy skin and fat layer. It is difficult to case to remove fat evenly with liposuction, even some doctors who is not used to liposuction can ask for skin excision. Finally failing in removing the fat evenly made reoperation.


Doctor who is not used to liposuction can fail to remove enough fat of axilla and elbow area and makes arm to Indian club shape. Also there will not be an even fat removal.


Actually foreigners had typical shape like this who came to Korea for a liposuction. There was many excisions, but still there was not even fat removal which caused bumpy surface of skin. Back is known as one of the difficult area for liposuction, and it is failed due to wrong and not enough fat removal.


Finally she visited Korea again and asked me for a reoperation with connection from previous thigh liposuction. I operated fat transplantation and liposuction together to make natural arm. Venus Clinic can make skin to contract after the operation and have an elastic skin like this.





reoperation liposuction of arms.jpg

reoperation liposuction of arms1.jpg

reoperation liposuction of arms2.jpg

reoperation liposuction of arms3.jpg

reoperation liposuction of arms4.jpg



The most re-operated cases of arms is an arm with Indian club shaped, which has fat pads on axilla and elbow and removed fat only on mid-arm.

This before and after picture is a typical result of a week after the operation.





reoperation liposuction of arms1.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms2.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms3.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms4.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms5.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms6.jpgreoperation liposuction of arms7.jpg