Here are the precautions and postoperative cautions. Liposuction is safer and does not have many complications compare to those of other surgeries, but we still need to be cautious before and after the operation.

These are the general cautions that Venus Clinic uses, so it could be varied over each patient so it is not for all the patients. Also each hospital has differences so please follow the doctor.


liposuction garment


  1. For 2 weeks before the operation, you should avoid aspirin types of medicine, ibuprofen, vitamin E, gingko leaf extract, heracleifolia, and ginger etc.
  2. For 2 weeks before the operation, you should stop taking anti-obesity medication, and if you have to retake it, take it after 2 weeks of operation.
  3. Take any medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid as you have consulted with the doctor.
  4. Only take the painkiller which the hospital prescribed.
  5. For 2 weeks before the operation, you should not take any psychotropic drugs, and if you need to take it please consult with the doctor.
  6. You should take a shower with soap day before the operation. In the morning of operation, you should not apply lotion or oil and remove manicure.
  7. You have to be accompanied with someone from the hospital to home.
  8. There should be someone with you on the operation day night.
  9. Take medicine if it is prescribed a day before operation.
  10. You should bring comfortable clothes to wear after the operation. If possible, it is better to have black or dark color clothes.
  11. If you are going under an anesthesia, you should fast 6 to 8 hours before the operation including water and cigarette. A cup of water is ok before the operation.
  12. After the operation, blood fluid comes out so it is better to bring a towel or cover to sit on or lie down on the bed or the car.
  13. Do not bring the car without accompany.


Operation Day

  1. When you come to hospital, change clothes in the recovery room.
  2. After talking with the doctor, area to be treated is designed, and a photo is taken. We check a layer of fat with ultrasound if needed.
  3. After you enter the operation room, we will spray the disinfectant on the operation site. The nurse will insert a syringe into the blood vessel in order to connect fluid.
  4. After the operation, the blood fluid mixed with tumescent fluid comes out from the excision.
  5. We use compression dressing to help the drainage of blood fluid.
  6. You may go home 1 - 2 hours after the operation with accompany.
  7. The day after the operation, come back for dressing and you may wear compression garment.


Postoperative Cautions

  1. You should take prescribed medicine well. You should avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 2 weeks after the operation.
  2. Diet: We do not have special diet, but you should eat less greasy with less fat. After the operation, weight can increase because of the fluid that remains in your body.
  3. Bath: You should wipe your body with sponge rather than taking a shower when you still have blood fluid. You should wear the compression clothes right after the shower. When you take a shower you can wash compression garment, dry, and wear it; for 3 weeks after the operation, you should not enter swimming pools or beaches.
  4. After the drainage of blood fluid, you should put ointment 1-2 times a day for 1 month on the scar.
  5. You should wear the compression clothes for about 3 to 4 weeks. In some cases, you can wear compression clothes for 24 hours for 2 weeks, and then wear 12-24hours for last 2 weeks.


liposuction garment

Postoperative Cares

  • You should visit us 1 or 2 days after the operation.
  • Usually blood fluid drains for 3 to 4 days, so please cover the bed with pads or towels. This blood fluid contains tumescent fluid and about 1% of blood, so it is normal to have red color. But you should contact us immediately if you have hemorrhage, severe swallowed skin, or severe ache.
  • There could be bruises after 2 to 3 weeks of operation.
  • The swelling can be remained for about 3 months. You may feel dullness on your skin, but it will improve as time goes by. You should wait about 6 months to see the final result of the operation.
  • Blush/Redness: The redness of the skin can be showed for 1 to 3 days after the operation, and it is normal.
  • You should drive after 24 hours of the operation. In general, it takes 1-2 days to go back to work. It depends on operated area and amount of fat removed, but usually 1-3 days are enough to go back to work. You can do mild exercise. You can to severe exercise such as jogging or tennis till 3-4 weeks after the operation. You may increase the exercise intensity gradually.
  • The most important things in the postoperative management are to leave the excision open and undergo compression on the lesion
  • If the excision undergoes stitching, stitch removal is undergone on 7 to 10 days after the operation.


There is bimodal compression.

Relatively high-grade compression is undergone to promote drainage through incision on 1~2 days after the operation. After the drainage stops, low-grade compression is done to maintain lymphatic capillary.

In general, patients wear compression garment after the stop of drainage.

For 2 weeks after the operation, it is better to compress for 24 hours a day. It is also better to wear compression garment for 2 to 3 months after the operation. It is sufficient to compress by wearing the compression garment.



The Process of the Actual Abdomen Lipusuction

Before the operation

Before the operation, we check the patient body condition and talk about the operation and schedule the operation date. We measure size for the compression garment. We also run a blood test.


The operation day

After talking with the doctor, area to be treated is designed, and a photo is taken.When you enter the operation room, you should lie down. After a nap, the operation should be over.


Body of Ms. Venus Before the Operation

Ms. Venus’s abdomen before the operation.

Ms. Venus’s abdomen before the operation

Body of Ms. Venus Right After the Operation

Ms. Venus’s abdomen right after the operation.

Ms. Venus’s abdomen right after the operation1

From the right, right after the operation, wearing pads and compressive nets, compression dressing on the net, wearing abdominal belt on.

Ms. Venus’s abdomen right after the operation2


First day after the operation

This is the picture of first day after the operation. There are some bruises, and blood fluid drains through the incisions. We sometimes stitch incisions in cases of need and wear compression garment.

Hello, I am 23 year old regular worker. It has been only one day after the operation and I really satisfied already. I strongly recommend those who consider about liposuction. I thought liposuction would be hard and tough but it was not actually. So I really strongly suggest liposuction. Aching got better after one day and it is durable. I really thank Dr. Jung.

Today is second day after the operation. Body is getting lighter and I feel better every day. Today was the first day I went back to work, but I did not have any troubles working. The one thing that was uncomfortable was that I had to sit right due to compression garment, but it was not a big deal. But I cannot stop eating. I know that I have to control but I usually eat a lot so. Still I feel good!


Ms. Venus’s Abdomen on the First day after the operation

the First day after the operation


Ms. Venus with Garment on the Second day after the operation.

the Second day after the operation


Third day after the operation

This is the picture of third day after the operation. There is little blood fluid. As much as blood fluid comes out, it is better: have fewer bruises and fewer complications.


Third day after the operation. Dr. Jung said blood fluid can drain for 4 days, but it did not drain a day after the operation. I put the ointment and I am about to take a shower since it is my third day after the operation. Operated area ached on the day of operation and the next day, but now I almost have no pain. When I look at abdomen, bottom parts of abdomen swallowed more. I hope it disappears and I think it will last for a week. I have a little bruises but it can be treated with non-bruise ointment. I am a little careful with bending down which can create the wrinkles to garment and skin. I expect more and more every day.

Today is fourth day after the operation. 3-4 days after the operation, it is possible to take a shower, so I took a shower today. After taking of compression garment, a lot of bruises and swelling are decreased. I feel good. I washed garment with hands, drained with a washing machine, and dried with hair drier. It dried well. Daily life gets more comfortable every day.

Third day after the operation

Fifth day after the operation

This is the picture of fifth day after the operation.


Bruises got much better and there is almost no blood fluid. Fifth day after the operation.. My back aches more than the operated area because I have to keep the right posture. Swelling got better and I feel like garment is getting loose. I wore the tight shirts, and I could see the much better body line right away.

fifth day after the operation

Seventh day after the operation

This is the seventh day after the operation. Less bruises and we could see a line. We start the postoperative management once or twice a week. The welling will rapidly recover and tugging sensation will be alleviated.


It has been already 7 days after the operation. I went to the hospital to remove stitches. I have almost no bruises and swelling is getting better every day. I still feel the dullness of skin when I touch the operated area. It is still a little uncomfortable bending down but is ok. I have about 1-2kg of weight loss.

The skin becomes harder, but it will alleviate as time goes by for about 3 months. Dullness or tugging sensation will be alleviated within about 3 months, too. But for a complete recovery, it will take about 6 months.


seventh day after the operation


These are the notes of recovering process with pictures of Ms. Venus who got liposuction from our hospital. If you need and want more details, you can visit our website (NAVER café) to read more.