I would like you tell you possible operation areas at Venus Clinic with before and after pictures. There are some areas that have to operate liposuction together. While reading this part, if you think about these correlations, it will be helpful to decide whether you need a liposuction or not.


liposuction and transformation

1. Upper-body Liposcution



The abdomen is the most commonly selected region for Liposuction for both male and female, and is attractive region which has high satisfaction after the liposuction.
Since there is a wide and flat surface on the abdomen, it is necessary to do Liposuction evenly. It is also necessary to remain some of the subcutaneous fat to have a result of a smooth line.

Lower abdomen has 2 layers of fat. The part of superficial fascial system which is called scarpa’s fascia, layer of the anterior abdominal wall. This fascia divide fat layer into deep and superficial layers. As you grow up, deep layer’s fat layer get thick which make your lower abdomen fat. It is important to remove this layer completely so that it can prevent you from regaining fat. Fortunately, even the lower abdomen skin is loose and wrinkled, it contracts after the operation, so it has good result without removing the skin.

Compared to lower abdomen, upper abdomen has only 1 fat layer which contains areolar layer and lamella layer, but except medial resion. It is hard to approach to upper abdomen and to remove fat completely near the waist due to adhesion of skin and fascia’s fibrillar tissues and ribs. Also, compared to lower abdomen, upper abdomen has more fibrillar tissues, so there could be hemorrhage.  After the operation, there is less contraction on upper abdomen compare to lower abdomen, it could look like skin got loose and bumpy. Also it is possible area to bend, doctors can misunderstand this bumpy wrinkle as fat; doctors should have enough understanding and knowledge. If the doctor does not remove fat completely, sometimes patient needs re-operation.
Flanks also have a layer like upper abdomen except side of spine, so called paralumbar area. Fat layer’s left over calories in deep layer transfer to fat and stores and this is why waist line disappears as you get old. Patient needs safe and perfect liposuction on this area which always gives a good result.
When a person lies down the fat above ribs goes up and located near the chest, but when a person stands up it sags to the abdomen due to gravity which makes wrinkles. Since patient gets liposuction in lying down position, if the doctor pays no attention to fats around chest and ribs, fat can sag down after the liposuction which gives a bad result. Thorasic abdomen has much fat fibrosis and muscles which are around and on the ribs, so if the doctor misunderstands muscles with fat, it can cause muscle damage and hemorrhage.
There could be severe wrinkles and loosen skin around waistline and subscapular back around bra-line especially in standing position. The fat layer around these parts should be removed completely so that patient can have waistline and beautiful back.

Venus Clinic does circumferential thoracoabdomen by removing fat layers especially in standing position. Chest area above ribs, waistline, and subscapular back are included in addition to abdomen; this gives natural S-line for typical upper-body obesity. Also patient can have a good waistline even the patient did not have a waistline.


before and after abdominal liposuction1

before and after abdominal liposuction2


Upper abdomen is significant among the people who has central obesity, especially for male. They have bloating after the meal; they get better through liposuction. Lower abdomen is significant among the female especially for those who gave a birth and have inelastic skin around lower part of the pubis. But after the liposuction, contraction of skin works well so it is really effective without skin incision. Lower abdomen is one of the most satisfied areas.


before and after upper and lower abdomen liposuction


Hip and waist give natural and beautiful S-line to females and straight line (love handle) to general males. But as people get old, people get more fat and has less exercising effect, we call it ‘aged fat.’ If you do not have overall abdominal obesity, you can have S-line only with waist, love handle, and hip liposuction.


before and after liposuction of flanks


The fat comes out along the bra-line in summer with light clothes. It is usually caused by obesity of upper part of flank. Liposuction on flank and bra-line can give satisfied result.


before and after liposuction of upper back(femanle flanks)


Back is one of the most difficult operation areas. Because the back is fibrous and the skin is thick, it is hard to have satisfied result with good skin contraction. So the doctor sometimes uses laser or ultrasonic to softening the fat before the back liposuction.
Female’s back is different from male’s back. Female’s back gets feminine line with about 90 degree-angle between arm and back unlike that of male’s back which has an inverted triangular shape; sides of back and axilla should be operated smoothly.


before and after liposuction of upper back


2. Upper-body Liposuction



The arm is the most effective and satisfaction region regarding Liposuction. Since the fat around the arm is not easily reduced by exercising, Liposuction is preferred.
How does the female’s beautiful arms look like? Of course, they are not thick and inelastic.
There should be no saggy part on biceps of inner arm and have straight outer line from deltoids muscle to elbow when stand at attention. Also, there should be no anterior axillary fat pads. Sometimes woman has polymastia, but there should be no fat on axilla for overall slim arm.
Finally it is fat on behind the elbow, There are cases people have bumpy fat around elbow coming down from axilla. Slim on this part completes overall feminine line and makes natural connection to bottom of elbow.
Liposuction makes beautiful body figure by removing the fat between the skin and muscle so it could be limited to change muscle or bones' structure. But liposuction can give a feminine body figure by removing the fat easily. Compare to other diet methods, the advantage of liposuction is that the skin contracts after the operation and gives a beauty cosmetically.


before and after liposuction of arms


Developed lateral arm is usual for males. Also there could be only a little size change due to deltoid muscle.
But it can give a dramatic effect by removing a little fat which makes lateral arm to have smooth and straight line. Wrong liposuction can make hollow lower deltoid muscle so doctor should be careful.


before and after liposuction of lateral arms


Most of people wants liposuction on posterior arm which gives the most effective result. Liposuction should be operated with complete removals of axilla and elbow; this gives beautiful straight arm. But if the fat does not remove completely, posterior arm can get inelastic or results an Indian club shaped arm.
There could be only a little size change or inelastic skin for an arm with developed biceps and triceps after the operation. Posterior arm is connected to axilla; it gives more effective result when a patient does liposuction on the back behind the axilla.


before and after liposuction of posterior arms


Patients did only arm liposuction and they usually come back for liposuction on anterior and posterior side of the axilla. There are only a little uplifted fat on the anterior side of axilla, area from axilla to breast, but liposuction in this part gives a remarkable result.
Liposuction on upper scapula with posterior side of arm gives a remarkable result. This part makes feminine inverted triangular shape to trapezoidal straight body line when you lift your arms. When male lifts arms to 90 degrees, it makes manly triangular and muscular upper body, but when female lift arms to 90 degrees, the straight line gives beautiful feminine line.
Arm liposuction with posterior axilla part of back makes feminine upper body figure and gives less skin friction between axilla and arm; there is much less fat pads on posterior arm and axilla especially in attention position.


before and after liposuction of axilla


3. Lower-body Liposuction



Compared with other parts, the size or shape of the thigh is not easily improved by going on a diet or exercising. It remains as it is when other parts get slim and make people less confident.
Due to chubby thighs, many people wear different sizes of clothes between the upper body and the lower body. It is so called "Two Body Syndrome"; it is also called pear-shaped body. These people can have slim and attractive lower body line with liposuction.
Since the thigh is cylindrical shape, it is necessary to remove the fat evenly throughout the whole parts with aesthetical sense for favorable outcome as well as well-balanced body shape.
Liposuction is operated usually on the outer thigh of thigh with lower part of outer hip. This naturally solves bumpy outer part due to hip’s weight.
It is harder and pickier to do liposuction evenly in inner thigh. Because upper part of inner thigh has less fat tissues and has characteristic of soft jelly which can be suctioned easily and fast; this can result excessive fat removal which gives bumpy and unsmooth thigh. Tumescent anesthesia and micro cannula results smooth and even thigh. Subcutaneous fat is even and has less resistant fibers; it is easy to pass through. So it is important that doctor should be carefully to not do the excessive suction and make smooth and even line.


It has higher rate of complications to do the liposuction on whole thigh at once than do it. Patient can recover without complications and has well-balanced thighs at once with Tumescent method, right amount of fat removal, and postoperative cares. 
Young women has dome shaped hips. But if the fat starts to store on the hip, hip gets bigger and bumpy. As you get old, lower hip gets bigger and ligaments which support hip get pulled and make a saggy hip. The purpose of liposuction on really big hip is to reduce the size and volume with natural and even shape and size of both hips, also well-balanced with thighs.

Liposuction on circumferential thigh, hip, and knee together makes well-balanced body figure especially for people with typical lower body obesity. The doctor should think in 3 D and the operation should be focused on curves rather than straight lines which can emphasize feminine body figure. 
Venus Clinic pursuits overall balance and maximum size reduction by removing enough fat, so we do liposuction on circumferential thigh, 360 degree cylindrical, knee, buttocks, and hip at once. We recommend cosmetically operation to patients so that even the patient regain weights, it does not affect shape due to evenly removed fat.

Liposuction on circumferential thigh, knee, buttocks, and hip has the advantage which makes overall well-balanced lower body by making outer line from hip to knee and buttocks smaller and making all the lines, back of buttocks, anterior thigh, inner thigh, and calf at once. Emphasizing feminine body figure and decreasing volume gives beautiful result; an artistic doctor who has a lot of liposuction experiences and strong physical condition can give a beautiful result.


liposuction of circumferential thighs3

rear view of thighs before and after liposuction

lateral view of thighs before and after liposuction


Anterior thigh has the most fat among the people who say they have thick thighs. Males’ muscle on this area develops well and make this part thicker, and it is one of effective liposuction area for female since there is a lot of fat pads. If you get anterior thigh liposuction, you can have slim thighs with smaller jean size.


anterior thighs liposuction


Medial thigh is also one of the most liposuction wanted area among the females. The skin of medial thigh can get sweat especially on periods or in summer; also it can have skin trouble due to fiction and it can even get darker.
The doctor should be more careful doing liposuction on this area, because this is less fibrous. It is easy to suction, but at the same time it can cause bumps. If patient does medial thigh liposuction with inner knee together, it makes beautiful straight inner line from thigh to calve and make legs to look longer.


medial thighs liposuction


Unique and special fat pad among the females is outer part of thighs. Saddle bag is directly related with hormones; this part has less diet effect, even with obesity treatments. This part is called saddle bag; it makes legs to look shorter and not beautiful with jeans.
If the patient has fat pads on outer hips, saddle bag is more significant due the weight of hips. In this case, it is more effective to do hip liposuction together to have more effective and beautiful result, but saddle bag liposuction is undergone as mini liposuction, too.


lateral thighs liposuction


Hip, buttock, and lateral thigh is called Cosmetic Unit. Because it is a cosmetic part which presents female’s beauty like breast; the line from upper hip right below the waist to buttock to lateral thigh symbolizes female’s beauty. So liposuction on all these area at once can make a beautiful feminine body figure.

Removing fat on outer and lower part of buttock makes buttock to gather up and gives effect of longer legs, and it is called hip-up effect. Actually buttock-up effect is right phrase, and this effect makes sexy buttock due to raised buttock.


hips, buttocks, thighs liposuction

buttocks liposuction


Knee liposuction is one of the effective area. If the fat on inner knee gets removed, it makes beautiful straight inner line from thigh to calve which makes legs to look longer and make a beautiful mini-skirt line.
Sometimes medial thigh and calf liposuction undergoes together with knee, but you can get effective result only with knee liposuction. But patient only gets satisfied result when the doctor removed fat completely and neatly. 
Most of the time, thigh liposuction does not include upper or inner knee, but most of the time, Venus Clinic includes hips above the buttocks to make a softer and smoother hip line and includes knees to make a smoother thigh line.


liposuction of knees


An uneven distribution of fat on legs is set genetically, and it is not generally solved by an exercise or a diet.
Calf is hard and picky area to do liposuction.  Calf need a minute liposuction because it has only one fat layer, and calf and ankle’s muscle determines silhouette so it could have less effective result. It is hard and difficult area to undergo liposuction. It has less significant bumpy area and it is cursive. Also swelling and recovering lasts longer due to excision is exposed, and patients expect more.
If the doctor exactly grasp the calf’s muscle and fat layer, it is possible to undergo liposuction with satisfied result using micro cannula. But it can look like muscular male’s calf if doctor does an excessive liposuction.
Ankle liposuction can give an effective result with patient with thick ankle or bowed legs. If the patient stands for a long time after the operation, patient can have swelling and pain. So if patient stands for a long time, it is good to keep the legs above the heart. But if the ankle is thick, there could be a possibility of internal medical problem such as swelling ankles rather than thick fat pads on ankles, so patient should consult first.


liposuction of calves after thighs
<Case of calf liposuction after the thigh liposuction>



4. Chin and face liposuction



As people get old, there is more fat pads on chin and less elasticity which gives a double chin with no sharp chin line. Tumescent liposuction is the best way to operate chin, especially for those who does not want long recovering time, scars, or side effects of visual plastic surgery.
Saggy chin and cheek are one of the most effective areas, and it is part of aging in 40-50s. Chin and face liposuction only removes fat from neck muscle to skin, platysma muscle which appears when a person opens mouth to the left and right and close. Fat pads on the lower part of platysma cannot be removed due to dangerousness of throat, nerve system, and vain damage. If chin and face liposuction is undergone with micro cannula, it can result not bumpy, but smooth line. For contraction of skin, we use laser or VASER ultrasonic. The doctor should be careful with damage of face nerves or vain which can cause not only hemorrhage but also facial paralysis.
If there is excessive sagginess on chin, we use 3rd generation VASER liposuction or do liposuction after checking the inside of fat layer with Nd-YAG laser for faster skin contraction.


liposuction of face and neck


5. Breast liposuction



There are some women who is uncomfortable and sad because of big breast. This gives pain with weight, limits activities, and gives mental stress. Also, there is pain with degenerative change on neck or shoulders which changes body posture. There could be skin trouble with bra band, and it does not look good even with an expensive clothes.

To solve these uncomfortable facts, liposuction is effective. Female’s breast liposuction can be done without scars with partial anesthesia using micro cannula (diameter of 2mm) to reduce the size. This is effective with almost no pain and fast recovery after the liposuction, and patient can return to daily life easily. Removing 30~50% of fat from breast does not have side effects and patient can go back to normal life after 2-3 days.

General breast reduction plastic surgery is undergone in general anesthesia which has problems of long operation time, paint after the operation, scars, and long recovery time. But liposuction makes breast as small as removed fat and has fast recovery with ligaments of breast which makes elastic breast. Also nipples and lower breast line goes up, too.


liposuction for breasts reduction



Gynecomastia can be shown in male obesity; this is caused by increasing of fat amount in breasts. Gynecomastia is the breast tissues and fat tissues increasing phenomenon on males; it is usually because of obesity and other than this, hormone, medicine, or hormone producing tumor can be the reasons, too. 
One side breast fat is rare on male. This can be related to male breast cancer so patient should do a thorough physical examination.


To classify the Gynecomastia

  • Pseudogynecomastia, fatty type has normal amount of mammary line but excessive fat pads. This is usually related to obesity.
  • Truegynecomastia, pure type has an increasing of mammary line which means increasing in male breasts. The size or shape is similar to female’s breasts.
  • Mixed type has an increasing of both mammary line and fat pads.


It is hard to find out the reasons of truegynecomastia. It is important to distinguish between normal and abnormal of male’s breast. Generally breast tissues cannot be touched in male breast, but if pseudogynecomastia is within the diameter of 4-5cm, it is normal.


The reason of gynecomastica, pathological gynecomastia, occurs with these.

  • 1. Congenital anorchia, Kleindfelter syndrome, testicular feminization syndrome
  • 2. Abnormal creation of chorionic gonadotropin by testicular or by bronchogenic carcinoma and estrogen creation due to true hemaphroditism
  • 3. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, feminizing adrenal tumors. Especially gynecomastia can occur by taking steroids; there could be steroids in herbal medicine. In this case, gynecosmastia can reoccur after the operation.
  • 4. Drugs: digitalis, alkylating agents, spironolactone, cimetidine, busulfan, isoniazid, TCA, D-penicillamine, anabolic steroids, phenytoin, clomiphene, diazepam, heroin, marijuana
  • 5. After the operation


Gynecosmastia can be removed by liposuction. It has high satisfaction with no scars and effective results. If there is too much mammary line, mammary line should be removed through making an incision. 
Nowadays, it is reported that VASER, 3rd generation ultrasonic liposuction equipment, is effective on gynecosmastia and skin contraction after the operation. VASER destroys mammary line and soften the fat pads.


It is possible to go back to normal life a day after the operation, and there is almost no restrictions after 2 weeks. For about 1 month, patient should wear compressive garment for adhesion of breasts. Complete result comes out after 2 months. Other than these, there could be an abnormal feelings, but it is temporary and it recovers within 2-3 months.


liposuction of gynecomastias