Maximum Liposuction - arms, inner axilla, anterior axilla, posterior axilla

; It includes arms(excluding elbow), axilla, anterior axilla, and posterior axilla. Generally most of the hospital does arm and axilla liposuction together.


maximum liposuction of arms







Developed lateral arm is usual for males. Also there could be only a little size change due to deltoid muscle.


But it can give a dramatic effect by removing a little fat which makes lateral arm to have smooth and straight line. Wrong liposuction can make hollow lower deltoid muscle so doctor should be careful.



arm_maximer 1.jpg






Most of people wants liposuction on posterior arm which gives the most effective result. Liposuction should be operated with complete removals of axilla and elbow; this gives beautiful straight arm. But if the fat does not remove completely, posterior arm can get inelastic or results an Indian club shaped arm.


There could be only a little size change or inelastic skin for an arm with developed biceps and triceps after the operation. Posterior arm is connected to axilla; it gives more effective result when a patient does liposuction on the back behind the axilla.



arm_maximer 2.jpg





Fat on anterior and posterior side of the axilla is also called Bra fat. Patients did only arm liposuction and they usually come back for liposuction on anterior and posterior side of the axilla. There are only a little uplifted fat on the anterior side of axilla, area from axilla to breast, but liposuction in this part gives a remarkable result.


Depends on body shape, there is polymastia, and people with more fat pads sweats more in summer and easy to get heat rash. After the axilla liposuction, people sweat less and have less or no underarm odor.


Liposuction on upper scapula with posterior side of arm gives a remarkable result. This part makes feminine inverted triangular shape to trapezoidal straight body line when you lift your arms.


When male lifts arms to 90 degrees, it makes manly triangular and muscular upper body, but when female lift arms to 90 degrees, the straight line gives beautiful feminine line. Arm liposuction with posterior axilla part of back makes feminine upper body figure and gives less skin friction between axilla and arm; there is much less fat pads on posterior arm and axilla especially in attention position.



arm_maximer 3.jpg arm_maximer 4.jpg



1. Indications for operation


; patient who has thick arms compare to upper body and wants to get liposuction on axilla, anterior axilla, and posterior axilla, patient who wants to make balanced and natural arms and upper body figure. But there are many cases we exclude anterior arm due to thin fat layer.



2. Design


;Overall arm from shoulders to elbow excluding anterior arm, including polymastia, anterior axilla, and posterior axilla. The picture below is the design of circumferential arm liposuction includes anterior arm and elbow.


Extra option : elbow, circumferential arm, axilla, anterior and posterior axilla, bra line of back



Arm Maximum Type A



desaign1_arm_maximer1.jpg desaign1_arm_maximer2.jpg desaign1_arm_maximer3.jpg


Operation area : circumferential arm(excluding elbow), axilla, anterior axilla, posterior axilla



Arm Maximum Type B



desaign2_arm_maximer1.jpg desaign2_arm_maximer2.jpg desaign2_arm_maximer3.jpg


Operation area: Back and outer part of arm, elbow, axilla, posterior axilla



Arm Maximum Type C




Operation area : circumferential arm(including elbow), axilla, anterior axilla, posterior axilla



3. Advantages


  • It is effective in cases of much fat on axilla and anterior and posterior axilla rather than bra-line of back.
  • This gives softer and natural line from arm to body and breasts compare to only arm liposuction.
  • Maximum arm liposuction is effective with reasonable cost when you think about operating areas, and it gives maximum size reduction.



4 Operation Cases






case3_arm_maximer1.jpg case3_arm_maximer2.jpg case3_arm_maximer3.jpg case3_arm_maximer4.jpg case3_arm_maximer5.jpg





case2_arm_maximer1.jpg case2_arm_maximer2.jpg case2_arm_maximer3.jpg case2_arm_maximer4.jpg case2_arm_maximer5.jpg case2_arm_maximer6.jpg case2_arm_maximer7.jpg







case4_arm_maximer1.jpg case4_arm_maximer2.jpg case4_arm_maximer3.jpg case4_arm_maximer4.jpg case4_arm_maximer5.jpg