Point Liposuction- Medial thighs

; Thigh Chanel Line Plus Liposuction makes a straight line from medial thighs to medial knees. With the size reduction, it makes longer legs, and at the same time, it removes fat on medial knees that connected to calves which make calves to look straight.



thigh_shanel 1.jpgthigh_shanel 2.jpg





Medial thigh is also one of the most liposuction wanted area among the females. The skin of medial thigh can get sweat especially on periods or in summer; also it can have skin trouble due to fiction and it can even get darker.


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The doctor should be more careful doing liposuction on this area, because this is less fibrous. It is easy to suction, but at the same time it can cause bumps. If patient does medial thigh liposuction with inner knee together, it makes beautiful straight inner line from thigh to calve and make legs to look longer.






Knee liposuction is one of the effective area. If the fat on inner knee gets removed, it makes beautiful straight inner line from thigh to calve which makes legs to look longer and make a beautiful mini-skirt line.


Sometimes medial thigh and calf liposuction undergoes together with knee, but you can get effective result only with knee liposuction. But patient only gets satisfied result when the doctor removed fat completely and neatly.


Most of the time, thigh liposuction does not include upper or inner knee, but most of the time, Venus Clinic includes hips above the buttocks to make a softer and smoother hip line and includes knees to make a smoother thigh line.



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; This operation maximizes natural inner line of lower body following from medial thighs to medial knees.



1. Indications for operation


; Patient who is not overall obesity, but has unbalanced and too healthy inner thighs or too bumpy inner thighs and knees.



2. 디자인


; Liposuction on all inner thigh which includes medial thighs and knees.






3. Advantages

  • This makes overall balanced and natural inner thigh line, and it gives a beautiful line with wearing shorts or mini-skirts.
  • less pressure on costs.- Invisible scars located in wrinkles of groin region and lower hips
  • almost no problem with normal life with fast recovery.



Cases of Venus Clinic’s Chanel Line Liposuction













; In Case 2, not only the line inside the thigh but also the protrusion of the outside of the thigh is the case that the procedure is received at the same time. I had a hip hip-up operation, and the outside of the buttocks was a fat transplant because it has a protruding and depressed state.